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May 4, 2013
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AeroBrake :: Ame by yaocchi AeroBrake :: Ame by yaocchi

-He grew up by 1cm, but got thinner, or rather, he doesn't really have a constant weight.
-Tagged earring on the left and normal looped one on the right.
-Everything he's wearing is old except for this coat.
-Still carries his hooked belt though he seldom use them now, switched out red belt for purple.
-Developed a taste for lollipops, mostly leeched them off Psi tho.
-His hair got longer because he doesn't go to the salon as often (money money money) Even tried to cut it himself once and it was so horrible that Psi had to trim it for him //sobs
-ATs are still the same, but mostly seen with less metal pieces during casual rides.

Lit RP-er here, and prefers Google doc since it's easier for me to keep track ; u ;

Name: Ame (Someya Harusame 染め屋 春雨)
Age: 23
Height: 178cm / 5’10
Weight: 64kg / 141lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Morning shift at a fast food restaurant, night shift at a convenient store

Rank: A
Team: Eye Candy
Tuner/Rider: Psi (Ninomiya Sakue / Saku)


Progressing towards the Bloody Road.

Air treks Sacrificed light weight and height for power and offense

A pair of ATs Ame bought for himself when he was 14, a few months before he met Ninomiya Sakue, a.k.a Psi, who later became his tuner. It had been modified over the years, mainly an experiment subject for Psi. Customized to better endure Ame’s abuse, allowing better performance of strenuous tasks such as sudden turns and stops, and of course, impact. Removable plates were fixed in for added protection due to Ame’s ruthlessness in riding, hence increasing the weight of the treks. The motors were built to be stronger in order to balance out the weight of the treks so that Ame could still travel in a relatively fast speed, but not for long period of time as it will overheat the motor. Even though there are valves that aid in improving airflow to cool the machine. Also allows temporary bursts of speed when needed.

The blades on the heels are retractable. Blades along the outer sides of his wheels provide additional edge to his kicks.

Personality "Why should I trouble myself, when it's none of my concern?"

|| Cold || Detached || Conceit || Delinquent || Violent || Ruthless || Intelligent || Proud || Loyal

At first glance, Ame is your average ‘cool’ guy, with an attractive face that rarely bears any expression beyond a smile or smirk. He interacts like how everyone else would, decent manners, responds when prompted and isn’t too social unless necessary. Interaction at his work places keeps his social skill at a passable level, and prevents him from being a too quiet loner. Behind this mask hides his conceited nature, where the only person that matters to him other than Psi and his brother, is himself. Don’t expect him to go out of his way and think for your sake, unless you manage to stand at the same level as Psi in his relation list. He will respond to your request, only when you have proven to be useful to him, or ready to give him something in return. Intelligent, in the sense that he could read into another person’s words and actions, even though sometimes he might prefer to play the dumb card. And once he catches hold of your personality and able to figure out your reactions, expect him to bend you to do his bidding.

Ame definitely doesn't belong in the forgiving bunch, and expect him to kick you in the face the moment you utter something that insults him or Psi (especially when he isn't in his better moods). Actions reflecting the treatment he received from his father. Always got into fights in high school, and working life only tamed him by that much. When he isn't in a foul mood he'll be getting back at you with words instead.

Victory is everything to him. His pride, and his desire to prove that he was stronger, that he wouldn’t be suppressed ever again, led him to be ruthless in a fight and wouldn’t hesitate to get himself hurt if it means winning (which also means the death of his opponents in many cases). He knows that he isn't good enough, and tends to push himself to the limit to achieve a goal. Sometimes realizing belatedly that his method was wrong.

Deep down, Ame is still very much the child that he was, helpless under the relentless beating of his father. Insecure, with the constant need to be proven that he was actually needed, that someone actually sees him as something else other than a waste of space. Ame despises that side of himself, hence buried it with layers and layers of the fake persona that he carries right now.

However, if you somehow managed to overcome his cold exterior and trust issues (a feat, really), and convince him that you truly care, then you have earned a very loyal friend that would never betray you. He is protective and possessive, almost like a hound, and won’t hesitate to sink his fangs into anyone that dare to harm you.


Summary: Ame was brought up in an environment where parental love was absent from his life. The kind of child that simply failed to earn his parents' favor no matter how hard he tried, and made worse when he had an elder brother that seemed to be excelling in everything. He was under constant verbal and physical abuse from his father. At ten, he was brought into the world of Air treks by his brother as a mean of stress relief, and young boy was hooked immediately. A few years later, Ame bought himself a new pair of wheels, and met Sakue (Psi). Thanks to the younger's caring nature, and their common interest in ATs, the duo became friends quickly and hung out together almost everyday. Sakue's tinkering with his ATs helped him in his progression in his ranks.

One night, Ame returned home late as usual, to find that his father was awake. What started as the old man's stress relief took a wrong turn, ended up with the boy killing him, and accidentally set his house on fire in the process. Being deemed innocent, Ame left, staying with his brother while searching for his own place. At the same time, he returned to Sakue’s shed after disappearing from the boy for a year without any news. A ‘touching’ reunion, and the pair easily returned to their relation as before, both bearing changes that they slowly discovered as time passed.

Full History at :…


- Psi (Ninomiya Sakue) || His tuner and an important friend that he trusts. Perhaps the only person that knows of his past other than his brother. Also treats the younger as a little brother at times thanks to Psi’s outgoing personality, which balances Ame’s darker demeanour.

- Elder brother (Someya Haruki) || Someone that he still keep in touch with from time to time, mostly the elder calling in to check on him. Doesn't despise him even after learning about his background.

+ Thrill
+ Proving his worth
+ Watching people doing his bidding
+ Cheap food (because it' easier on his wallet)
+ Hard candies (an influence from Psi)

- Being ordered around (unless you are close to him)
- His family, or talking about them (except his brother)
- Kindness from strangers, unless it is something he can use
- Clingy people

- Has always been good in athletics over academics.
- The hooked belts are wound around his waist when not in use. But now that he has blades equipped onto his treks, he is relying on the belts less.
- Accumulation of abuse and hate from his father being reflected in his wheels, and killing his father gave him a false sense that death was the best way to gain victory, to prove who was ‘better’.
- If you happen to be in a life and death situation, and saving you will put him in a bad position, get ready to be abandoned.
- Is a carnivore.
- Doesn't usually talks about ATs or the way he rides. Unless he wants to learn from you.

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NeoroticMind Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OOOOOoh, Ame's back 0w0 *gawksinhissupersmexiness*
astro-slime Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cfgfhidsklfkjsdbfnskdlfsdbnm............he is so amazing omgosh....certainly eye candy to the core.....

I love his personality and bio!! not to mention his design is magnificent!!!

I hope our characters can meet one day!!~
yaocchi Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh thank you!!! :iconloveloveplz: Your girl looks really lovely :iconcblushplz:

yesh yesh i hope so too!! though i'm not active in the group :icongtthplz:
astro-slime Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
gffsdnhmks OF COURSE!!! AME IS GREAT!! I hope you dont mind I drew him ; w ; 

DAWWWW!!! Nooo what a bummer!! Kings must be more active!~ //shot.

If you do wanna rp, whenever~ how do you like to rp?
yaocchi Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

and-- no no he isnt a king ahahah He kinda slacked off during the one year time leap :icongtthplz: hmm i do notes and google docs ; u ; though i'll say notes since i seldom check my drive recently :iconpapmingplz:
astro-slime Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fsdhfjklds Shijo would probably be reminded of a cat when she see's him, not to mention she would probably know who he is since he is an A class rider. Shijo: *stalker AT journalist* 

omgooshh...yess...of course...I lovee himmm.... 
 ooohhhh naughty boy~ too much working hmmmm??? he's too regal. he's a king of all his own class //bricked

:iconyeahplz: *sends you for whenever you have time*
yaocchi Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LMAOOOO cat kjsdfhgjksdhfk and-- ahh i see i see!! * u*

LOL more like someone kick his butt please :iconlazycryplz: and I'm can pretty much RP nowadays just--if you don't mind slow replies :iconpapmingplz:
astro-slime Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL I will do it!~ *volunteers herself to kick his butt*

yaayy~ not at all. I'll be waiting~ :iconbritneyrapefaceplz:
AzureBlaxis Aug 17, 2013   General Artist
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