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September 8, 2013
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GT App :: Murasaki Sei by yaocchi GT App :: Murasaki Sei by yaocchi
Full body view: GT :: Sei ref sheet by yaocchi He is not tan btw :icontearplz:

:new: Ahhhh thank you for accepting me and my butt of a son!!! :iconrainbowtearplz: Feel free to hit me up for an RP! I'm a Lit RP-er and prefers Note / Google Doc ; u ;

◇ Name ◇ Sei Murasaki [ 紫 星 || Purple Star ]
◇ Age ◇ 17
◇ D.O.B. ◇ March 23rd [Aries]
◇ Gender ◇ Male
◇ Height ◇ 178cm (181cm including the heels on his shoes)
◇ Weight ◇ 69kg
◇ Nationality ◇ Japanese
◇ Year ◇ Senior, 3-B
◇ Residence ◇ Shimagashi
◇ Voice ◇ Tetsuya Kakihara

◇ Alias ◇ Kujaku [ 孔雀 || Peacock ]
◇ Element ◇ Fire
◇ Weapon ◇ Touch Me Not [reference of the mechanism will be uploaded soon]
The 5 long blades on each hand are in replace of his palms and fingers, able to move in the way a person can twist and turn their wrist. The blades are hard and stiff, like swords, hence they don't bend, but are possible to break. Open and close like a fan, and create the soft screeching of friction between metals when they do. He can ‘bend’ each of the blades, but unlike human fingers there’s only one joint for each blade. The joint is equivalent to a human’s knuckle, which allows up and down movement for the blade.

◇ Level ◇ 1
◇ Stats ◇ 60
STR : 08 || DEF : 05
SPD : 08 || INT : 18
VIT : 07 || LCK : 14

◇ Skills ◇
Normal : When closed, he can wield them like swords, slashing, thrusting, blocking and parrying. But because they are much longer than normal swords they can be a little cumbersome for close ranged fight. Kujaku prefers keeping a middle range distance, and wields the blades like battle fans with elegant dance. It IS possible for him to bitch slap you with those blades, but you can kiss your head goodbye when that happen.
Special : Kujaku no Me A series of dance that emphasizes on showing off his wing blades, vulnerable figure and fluid movement, as if to court his opponent. It’s designed to entice, to make his opponent look at him and only him. The patterns on his blades glow brighter and brighter as he moves, and those who stares at the fiery eyes on the blade shall be hypnotized. Since it is possible to interrupt the dance if the opponent picks up on what he’s trying to do, he’ll flow from his regular attack dances into this with a seamless transaction. There isn’t a set of fixed moves for this debuff, but there are a few core moves/gestures that he must perform in order to successfully execute it.
Effect : Throw his opponent into a dazed state that reduces their speed to ½ of its original, for three turns.
Backlash : Takes two round to execute. Once he’s half way through the dance, he’ll have to put all his concentration on his opponent, especially eye contact, which makes him oblivious to any incoming attack that he can’t see (unless it is very loud, but that’ll mean interrupting the debuff). And this dance is more strenuous than the normal ones, hence he only use it once in each battle. His SPD will be halved for the remaining duration of the battle.

◇ Personality ◇
At first glance, Sei seems like a polite boy with a good upbringing. Decent family background, well educated, and looks unfit for any kind of physical work at all (especially with his taste for more feminine attire). While those might not be all true, they aren't far from the truth, either. The boy can charm a girl off her feet if he wants to, and keeping an arsenal of pretty praises means having useful associations within reach. Acquaintances, not friends. If you manage to go beyond that first impression you’ll discover that he isn’t that much of a dream boat, and his harsh words aren’t something well received by everyone. Being his friend means you’ll either have to be able to endure the prickish side of him, or outdo him in that. But the latter can end up with either ‘friend’ or ‘I’ll crush you like a despicable roach’ kind of relation.

Confident + Charismatic : He might even seem to be overflowing with them. From his steps, to his (almost) constant eye contacts, to the way he doesn't seem to hide his peculiar taste for fashion. Sometimes it appears that he’s trying to impress others with his charm and compliments. While he does behave that way to maintain beneficial relations, but that’s uncommon. And other times it’s simply for amusement. Ridicule him and expect the same in return, if not worse. He rarely resort to violence, knowing that he'll be in great disadvantage, so words became his weapon instead. Sei takes pride in his intelligences and achievements.

Brain over brawn : Sei doesn't have an athletic build, hence what he lacks in physique he makes it up with intelligence. He is a smart boy, and he won't hesitate to go extra miles in his academics to make himself even better. That includes subjects that he dislikes, because he knows that he won't be seeing those again once high school is over. He already has quite a few reasons for people to look down on him, so he'll make sure that his academics won't be one of them.

Responsible : One might take his flamboyant appearance as a sign that he never take anything seriously, but that was only half true. He practices good timekeeping, and the strong sense of duty drives him to complete his tasks on time (if not earlier) with quality. Though this doesn’t apply to the tasks he sees no merit in accepting. Because of this he dislikes people who doesn’t take their responsibilities seriously and not punctual to schedules.

Prick : Only to his friends and enemies… Maybe a few of those who fluster easily. He doesn't go around jabbing everyone, mind you. Just a rotten habit of teasing the hell out of someone he'd taken a liking to. Occasionally he’ll pull out this side of him towards those who are fond of his charismatic facade and became too attached (and doesn’t bring him any benefit). He’ll laughed as he watch them leave with disappointment. Unless he is being provoked, and depending on the cause, he might or might not be just jabbing with words. (See next trait)

Audacious : Not a commonly seen trait (only developed a year ago), since it’ll usually only get triggered when the other party is being physical with indecent remarks. Sei has no problem with things getting physical, but that applies more to him touching others other than being touched. He’ll be shameless when things drop to that level (he doesn’t even blush from erotic topics), and will go all out to beat the other down. However, if this is triggered with a close friend, well… Let’s not go into details, shall we?

Possessive : He was once asked if being the only child makes him feel lonely, and the boy replied that he is a greedy brat who hoards all his parents' love for himself. He couldn't bear sharing the people he's emotionally attached to with anyone else. Look at him, and pay attention to him, or don't build a close relation with him at all.
But under what seemed like an endless facade and vile personalities lies a caring boy with a LOT of love for his family, and will not forgive anyone who dare insult his parents. He cares for his friends with the equal amount of teases he gives them, though people usually get fed up with his rotten habits.

◇ Likes/Dislikes ◇
+ Beautiful and elegant things/designs
+ Keeping himself clean and presentable at all time
+ Soft music (piano, guitar, violin, etc) performed by others
+ Culinary (mostly baking and dessert making, especially wagashi)
+ Teasing

- Being looked down upon
- People making fun of his background and family
- People who doesn't take care of personal hygiene
- Children (read his history and you’ll know why)
- Shrimps/Prawns (he’s allergic to them)
- Pest bugs (he'll stomp them into pulp and grind them into the dirt with his heel)
- Being/getting dirty

◇ History ◇
Sei was raised by two fathers (Yes, you read that right, fathers) ever since he was almost 3 years old. The boy had a vague memory of his mother, and her voice, which was usually in an extremely unpleasant tone. His memory of her appearance was from the photos his biological father showed him, but the boy could care less about a stranger that wouldn't come back into his life anymore.

Like every child, Sei had been through the phase of being curious about where kids come from, and why wasn't his 'mother' a woman, simply because his fellow classmates pointed that out when he was still in nursery school. His biological father (who he refers to as Hiro, actual name Hiroe) explained to him that, he might not know ‘mother’s love’, his stepfather (Aoki) showered him with love just as any other parent would. But because of his strange family background, he had been made fun of by the kids in school. They simply called him a 'weirdo', with no malicious intent but something like that tends to spread quickly among kids and it didn't take long before he was actually being labeled a weirdo.

Since then he rarely mention about his family, and tried very hard to mingle with his classmates, telling the lie that he was raised by a single parent. Until he reached junior high school, where the children found another reason to make fun of him. Sei had a slightly different preference than the other boys of his age. He liked pretty things, florals and clothes with colorful prints and more feminine designs, taking extra care for his hair and skin, generally things you'll more likely seen from a teenage girl. It wasn't something he could hide, and he was already tired of making up layers and layers of lies about his family.

The fathers, noticing that their son was under a lot of stress, decided to take action and talked to him. Sei was confused, first of his homosexual parents and now his own identity. He didn't have a girly behavior, nor did he wish to be a girl, but he simply couldn't like what the other boys liked. As for his parents, there wasn't even a doubt that they loved him, but if only one of them was a female... The boy broke down that day.

It wasn't an easy task to overcome these issues. After a few days of absence from school and proper conversations with his family, Sei finally came to terms with his problems. His fathers talked to him of the sacrifice they made to live together, the looks from other people that they had to live with, not to mention those who had a disdain for homosexuality. But because they loved each other very much that they could endure all those together. Other people's opinion didn't matter so long as it was what you want, what made you happy.

After absenting from classes for another week, Sei was transferred to another school for a fresh start. He no longer pretend to be masculine, strutting into the class with a peach cardigan with flower prints over it and his shoulder length hair held up by colorful pins on his first day. The boy had never felt so confident in his life, simply being himself and not giving a care about everyone's opinion. Nothing else mattered so long as he still had his family's support.

Yet little did he know that this confidence slowly became his obstacle in finding a true friend, because he was subconsciously building a wall around himself, keeping a comfortable distance with everyone else and keeps his hands clean from the mess called 'friendship'. He has an underlain insecurity if people really accepting him for who he is, or befriended him for beneficial purposes. Because that is what he's doing with most if his acquaintances.

◇ Other ◇
Normal form :
- In contrary to his name, the only thing that’s purple are his eyes. (Not taking his clothes into account)
- Biological father is Murasaki Hiroe (Sei calls him Hiro), and stepfather is Ishida Aoki. He calls them by their names because calling ‘father’ is confusing at times. Though sometimes he would call Aoki ‘mother’ on purpose. He also likes to say “Hiro is Aoki’s hero” to tease him.
- Hiroe is an English professor in a university at Naharishio, and Aoki works as a chef in a small restaurant at Shimagashi.
- When he told others that he was raised by a single parent, he didn’t hate his family. It was simply to make his life in school easier.
- While he doesn’t get sick 24/7, it doesn’t take much for him to catch a cold or sore throat, or even fever. Being drenched after PE is like a 100% trigger for fever. Is a neat freak and hates to get himself dirty unnecessarily.
- His stamina and flexibility are as good as one who spends most of his days with books, games, computer, in the kitchen, and a little housework. Oh, and the time he sits in front of his mirror as well.
- He likes baking and making desserts, especially loves experimenting in making wagashi. Also good in making onigiris because he helped making them for his parents' lunch boxes. As for cooking a normal meals, he is only average in that.
- His online alias is Kuja (peacock). No, he isn’t aware of his alternate form. He used to play an old MMORPG where his character was also his dress up doll and it was wearing long oriental robes with the end of the sleeves and coat shaped like feathers and designed to resemble a peacock. And his alias was stuck ever since. He doesn’t mind people calling him that in real life, at all.
- If you are wondering, yes he does makeup, but only something light to make him look presentable. Like foundations and lip balm. Wears lip balm whenever he goes out, the kind that has a tint of color and a little glossy.
- Commonly spotted with colorful and/or printed cardigans. Wears specs to make himself looks friendlier. He does wear contacts sometimes.
- Pale blonde hair. There are only 2 locks of hair that’s longer, the rest is a little below shoulder length. Sometimes gathered in a loose ponytail that’s tied to one side.
- If he consumes more than a mouthful of shrimps, he’ll be hospitalize. A small amount will usually lead to him feeling nauseous and short of breath, which will pass after he throws up and take a rest. Hence he consumes any food that might contain shrimp very carefully. Reason why he prefers to bring his own lunchbox. 

Alternate Form :
- It expresses his desire to be noticed, and not just seeing him physically or acknowledging his beauty (because that’s what he’d achieved in his real life) but to look at him, pay attention to him and only him. Discover the fragility buried under layers of confidence, harsh words and selfishness. Even though sometimes he does let others get a glimpse of his weak side (just like his debuffing dance), but that’s usually when he’s using that person for benefits.
- Yet at the same time he’s afraid of people who gets too close, one of the reasons is that he does that to others to reap benefits, and refuses to let the same happen to him.
- Lower half of his forearms and thighs are joined to metallic prosthetic limbs. They are heavier than normal limbs, definitely, but not as heavy as one might suspect.
- Due to the height of his heels, and the slightly longer proportion of the lower half of his shins, his height is now around 190cm.

Murasaki Sei (c) :iconyaocchi:
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